Dining to Make a Difference and The Baum Forum invite you to support the restaurants that support local food and farming!

We encourage you to:

  • Attend A Growing Concern, The Baum Forum’s October 5 - 6 weekend of educational and culinary activities and festivities designed to inspire action and to raise awareness about the quality, character and security of our food. For conference details and to register, please visit www.baumforum.org, and/or call 718.884.5716.
  • Eat, drink and buy fresh and local food and wine.
  • Patronize the following restaurants, which work closely with area growers:
  • Angelica Kitchen, 300 East 12th St., betw. 1st & 2nd Aves., 212.228.2909

    Artisanal, 2 Park Ave. at 32nd St., 212.725.8585

    AZ, 21 West 17th St., betw. 5th & 6th Aves., 212.691.8888

    Babbo, 10 Waverly Place, betw. MacDougal & 6th Ave., 212.777.0303

    Balthazar, 80 Spring St., betw. B’way & Crosby, 212.965.1414

    Blue Hill, 75 Washington Pl., betw. 6th Ave. & Washington Sq. W., 212.539.1776

    Blue Water Grill, 31 Union Square West at 16th St., 212.675.9500

    Candle Cafe, 1307 Third Ave., betw. 74th & 75th, 212.472.0970

    Chanterelle, 2 Harrison St. at Hudson, 212.966.6960

    City Bakery, 3 West 18th St., betw. 5th & 6th Aves., 212.366.1414

    City Hall, 131 Duane St. betw. Church & W. B’way, 212.227.7777

    , 45 Mercer St. betw. Broome & Grand, 212.343.9012

    Craft, 49 East 19th St., betw. B’way & Park Ave., 212. 780.0880

    Daniel, 60 East 65th St., betw. Madison & Park Aves., 212. 288.0033

    The Dining Room, 154 East 79th St., betw. Lex & 3rd Aves., 212. 327.2500

    Alain Ducasse at the Essex House, 155 West 58th St., betw. 6th & 7th Aves., 212.265.7300

    D'Artagnan Rotisserie, 152 E. 48th St., betw. Lex & 3rd Aves., 212.687.0300

    Eleven Madison Park, 11 Madison Ave. at 24th, 212.889.0905

    Esca, 402 West 43rd St. at 9th Ave., 212.564.7272

    Gramercy Tavern, 42 East 20th Street, betw. B'way & Park Ave., 212.477.0777

    Grange Hall, 50 Commerce St. at Barrow, 212.924.5246

    Heartbeat in the W Hotel, 149 East 49th St., betw. Lexington & 3rd Aves., 212.407.2900

    Herban Kitchen, 290 Hudson St., betw. Dominick & Spring, 212.627.2257

    Il Buco, 47 Bond St, betw. Broadway & Lafayette, 212.533-1932

    Isabella’s, 359 Columbus Ave. at 77th, 212.724.2100

    Jean Georges, 1 Central Park W., betw. 60th & 61st, 212.299.3900

    JUdson GRILL, 152 West 52nd St., betw. 6th & 7th Aves., 212.582.5252

    Le Bernardin, 155 West 51st St., betw. 6th & 7th Aves., 212.489.1515

    Le Gamin, 183 Ninth Ave. @ 21st (and other locations), 212.243.8864

    L'Ecole : The Restaurant at The French Culinary Institute, 462 Broadway at Grand St., 212.219.3300

    March, 405 East 58th St., betw. 1st Ave. & Sutton Pl., 212.754.6272

    Maritime Restaurant, 121 West 49th St., betw. 6th & 7th Aves., 212.354.1717

    Montrachet, 239 W. Broadway, betw. Walker & White, 212.219.2777

    Nicole's, 10 East 60th St., betw. 5th & Madison, 212.223.2288

    Patio Dining, 31 Second Ave., between 1st and 2nd, 212.460.9171

    Picholine, 35 West 64th St., betw. B’way and CPW, 212.724.8585

    Primavera, 1578 First Ave. at 82nd, 212.861.8608

    Roy's New York, 130 Washington St., betw. Albany and Carlisle, 212.266.6262

    River Café, 1 Water St., betw. Furman and Old Fulton, Bklyn, 718.522.5200

    Ruby Foo's, 2182 B’way at 77th and 1626 B’way at 49th, 212.724.6700

    Savoy, 70 Prince St. at Crosby, 212.219.8570

    71 Clinton Fresh Food, 71 Clinton St., betw. Rivington & Stanton, 212.614.6960

    @SQC, 270 Columbus Ave., betw. 72nd and 73rd, 212.579.0100

    Tabla, 11 Madison Avenue at 25th, 212.889.0667

    Union Square Café, 21 East 16th St., betw. 5th Ave & Union Square W., 212.243.4020

    Verbena, 54 Irving Pl., betw. 17th & 18th, 212.260.5454

    Zafra, 301 Willow Ave, Hoboken NJ, 201.610.9801

    This list is GROWING, so please check www.vergant.com/growing.htm for more! Dining to Make a Difference is a program of Vergant, Inc. -- developers of pro-social products, programs and services -- and is designed to recognize and maximize the profound impacts that accrue from everyday acts. A Growing Concern is a program of The Baum Forum, which produces materials and events that focus public and industry attention on food and farming issues.

    For every good, green and growing reason, we hope you will join us!

    Warmly and looking forward,




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